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I adopted Harley a red min pin 13 years ago and he has been a wonderful companion. Warrick Humane does a good job of matching pets with forever homes.

Deborah H

We love this place. We brought home our furbaby from here on Valentine's Day and he is such a sweetheart. We have taken him back a few times to have him boarded while we have traveled and he is so well taken care of. He is actually excited when he goes back there. He loves the staff and is always happy to see familiar faces. Lots of tail waggin' goes on as soon as we walk in the doo

Deborah C

Great No-Kill shelter with lots of pets that need homes with good staff. The animals are treated well and I like that. I wish the dogs had a room similar to the cats, but with dogs it is harder to do so, and I understand that. I love how, though they have cages, they are not stuck there 24/7 and are able to play outside and have vet care. The cages are also large enough and are not just all crammed together. I am glad they also have a "meeting room" where you can bond with the dogs. I adopted a dog for myself and my grandmother a few years ago.

Flavuseme G

Beautiful set up and friendly staff. Animals are well tended.

Gabe B

Friendship staff and volunteers doing a outstanding job. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!

Dru H

Just adopted. Good experience overall. Friendly staff.

Hammer D

Such a great shelter with a wonderful, caring staff. We love WHS... We visit often to love on the dogs and cats and play with them outside and we are always happy to donate what we can.

Jackie L

I purchased my dog from here was great buy all her food and take her to the pet spa right next door. Top notch service

Scott L

I brought home my new best friend yesterday, Cali! The people at the humane society did awesome helping me with her, she is the best dog! Thanks to everyone who helped me out -Kaylee (:

Kaylee B

Andrea not only groomed our cat, but further showed great professionalism and care in doing so. I recommend her with the utmost integrity. We have looked at a few others in the city and are so very happy we found her. Our cat would be considered next to impossible to groom in our view. We were worried about sedation etc. We felt compelled to publicly thank Andrea and her crew. We are grateful. We will be back and THANK YOU!


I made my second annual trip to Warrick Humane Society to have Valentines Day Pictures taken of my family (three rescue fur babies) and myself. WHS has 100% of my admiration and respect for their diligence in finding adoptive parents and being a non-euthanasia facility.

Andrew P

This is a great place to find your fur-babies and give them their fur-ever homes! The staff is wonderful and cares about their animals, as well as the placement of their future fur-ever homes! They can always use donations... and if you're unsure as to what is needed, you can always give them a call and they will be happy to share that information with you! It's five stars from me!

Nicole H

it's a great place that cares about animals.
They make sure the home and environment is safe and they do follow up visits. I give them 5 stars

Cathy C

I adopted my baby girl Ali (Annosten) today and couldn't have been happier. The staff was friendly and even washed and cut her nails day before adoption, like I asked. Thanks WHS for your help!

Alina M

We adopted Almond on March 20th. I feel that they all did an excellent job explaining everything to us. We will recommend them highly!!

Kristen S

Myself and a few of my friends have adopted animals from this organization. Animal rescue is incredibly hard work. WHS does a great job utilizing social media to promote their available animals. I had an extremely smooth adoption process and think the fee for adoption was reasonable considering all the care provided for the animal. We would absolutely adopt from them again. Keep up the great work!

Jessa M

Awesome place! We have adopted 2 fur babies from here. Adoption is the ONLY choice for us. These babies needs homes and lots of love! Thank you Warrick County Humane Society for all you do for these fur babies!!

Fay R

They helped us find the perfect dog and they were very caring with their animals! They made sure we cleaned our shoes before entering to get rid of any germs for the safety of the puppies. They also gave us all the information needed on the dog we wanted. Also when we were concerned about her spay incision they had us come back in and look at it to make sure everything was going well. Will definitely be visiting in the future when deciding on another dog or cat!

Tiffyni T

I adopted Max (I changed his name from Dax to Max) from there there back in July and they were friendly and they gladly let us adopt him. He is a sweet boy and is spoiled rotten by all of my family.

Patricia L

We picked up our doggie last Tuesday and he has been a wonderful addition to our family! We love him so much!! He's very well behaved and so sweet. I can't say enough about how much we have enjoyed having him around, even in such a short time.

Natalia H